Jillian Mercado: Latina Model Seeks To Bring Inclusivity to Fashion

By Rosario B. Diaz

The modeling and fashion industry has been notorious for showing consumers a distorted image of what it means to be “beautiful.” With unrealistic beauty standards that display stick-thin (and often photoshopped) images of women, the business has convinced an entire generation of young minds that the fashion industry is exclusive only to those who fit these standards. Fortunately, recent years have shown a backlash against these images, and there’s now a movement to dispel the myth that only one type of body can be displayed. Jillian Mercado is a part of that movement, and it all started when the young Latina, who also happened to have been born with muscular dystrophy, decided she wanted to not only work in the fashion industry, but to be up front and center. Continue reading Jillian Mercado: Latina Model Seeks To Bring Inclusivity to Fashion


Los Lobos, J Balvin Honored at 24th Annual BMI Latin Music Awards

It’s a night to honor some of the best talent in music, radio and television in the U.S., and several Latino artists and songwriters were recognized at the 24th annual BMI Latin Music Awards in Beverly Hills. Among the winners announced Tuesday night were Reggaeton star J Balvin, Mexican singer and songwriter Horacio Palencia, and the Grammy-award winning group Los Lobos.

Los Lobos stole the show with their performance of “La Vengaza de los Pelados,” “Teresa,” and “La Bamba.” The BMI Latin Music Awards recognized them with the biggest award of the night, the BMI Icon Award, for being one of the “most acclaimed American bands of the past four decade.”

J Balvin’s 2016 hit reggaeton song “Ginza” was also honored at the award show with the BMI Contemporary Latin Song of the Year.

Horacio Palencia walked away with two awards including the BMI Regional Mexican Song of the Year for “Solo Con Verte,” and the BMI Regional Mexican Songwriter of the Year award.

Continue onto NBC News to read the complete list of winners and more!