S.T.E.M in Careers

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics – What does it all mean for my Future.


After World War II, the boost in S.T.E.M. interest and funding came hand over fist. President Franklin D. Roosevelt was heavily interested in the continuing impact of Science & Technology on the American Populous as a whole during post-time war. Through much dedication and continued investment & development; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics have now become intertwined with almost every position imaginable. Whether your interest is Construction, Aviation, Production, Filmography, Hospitality, Telecommunications or even Retail and Apparel, you will find that garnering a background in S.T.E.M. will help you advance faster than other entry-level applicants.

Positions in the S.T.E.M. career field are among the fastest in the U.S. right now; with pharmaceutical technology growing at the most rapid pace. It’s been mentioned that in order to keep the U.S. Labor Force competitive, greater numbers of students need to gain advancement in math and science knowledge. As an expanding economy demands growth and greater capacity for innovation and creativity, showing your commitment to S.T.E.M. will aid in supporting your background in whatever position you may be applying for.

The rapid growth of engineering and technologically advanced career fields is truth enough about the growing demand for equally accredited individuals. Fortune 500 Companies, Government Agencies and Internationally Renowned Organizations are constantly on the prowl for the next ‘up-and-comers’ with regards to S.T.E.M.

Not sure if your profession of choice can be integrated with S.T.E.M.? Contact your local university or college now to find out more information about course offerings. If you’re an undergraduate or member of a Junior Chapter, you may be eligible to apply for S.T.E.M. grants & scholarships. For more information on applying for S.T.E.M. grants & scholarships, please click here.