diversity inclusion.  Many of the programs being offered to women and minorities are worthy of recognition and may be helpful in guiding others to implement or expand on their own initiatives. Each year the survey results are remarkable and growing in strides. By sharing these unique responses, we hope to not only increases quality candidates, but encourage other companies to follow the lead and ultimately create a more diverse workforce.

The DCI Research Division reviews surveys and compiles their own independent data. This data includes public records such as 10-K Annual Reports, reader responses, market research, interviews, community, and conference participation. Also considered are the unique efforts made by human resource and supplier managers to actively seek diverse applicants and certified disadvantaged business owners. An analysis is performed that scores policies that support equal access, advancement and inclusion of all individuals regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Creating or joining a non-profit diversity group is one method of actively seeking diverse candidates that is also scored. Sponsorships and/or participation at non-profit diversity conferences also demonstrate commitment to diversity and EEO. DCI participates and distributes its diversity focused magazines to over 200 conferences. The DCI Research Division vehemently reviews and records those who attend events and the extent of participation and sponsorship. Because DCI personnel physically attend the conferences, we are able to see first hand how corporations are participating and how eager they are to support global diversity. Conference participation provides the best visibility and exposure to these targeted groups. Some companies go beyond the call of duty and not only present career and business opportunities, but also hold workshops, sponsor luncheons, provide keynote speakers, offer career counseling, financial aid, valuable tools, and information to advance the communities.  These are examples of companies who deserve recognition. As the magazine of choice for conference exposure and community outreach, we are in a unique position to evaluate those who regularly participate and support diversity as a whole.

At the conclusion of the evaluations, the "Best of the Best" results are announced and published. Vehicles though which results are made public include the print magazines, digital editions, bi-weekly e-newsletters, online and press releases. Each honoree is offered a seal for publicity, future advertising, and/or individual press release for distribution of their achievement. The honorees are listed in alphabetical order and not ranked by number. 

If you would like your company or agency to receive a survey invitation via email for the annual evaluation, please send your request to Karin Sweet at

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