Applying for a STEM Scholarship

Generally, applying for an S-STEM [Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] grant can seem obtrusive, and overwhelming. This guide has been created to give you [the Grantee] an overview of certain criteria that might be requested during this process. Please keep in mind that Grant Application Processes can vary from School-to-School. Contact your institution of choice for further information about its S-STEM policies.


    Application Questions
  • A Request for your High School / G.E.D. Center Information Might Look Like -
    • School Name
    • Year
    • State
    • Cumulative G.P.A. (G.P.A. Requirements vary - please contact your institution for further information)
  • Previous College (If Applicable)
    • Ex. School - Cumulative G.P.A. (3.2)
    • Ex. School - Cumulative G.P.A. (3.5)
    • Ex. School - Cumulative G.P.A. (4.0)
  • Citizenship
    • U.S. Citizen
    • U.S. National
    • Refugee
    • Permanent Alien
  • Are you Currently Enrolled at the institution you're applying for a S-S.T.E.M. from?
    • Full Time
    • Part Time
  • What is your Goal?
    • Degree
    • Certificate
  • Program of Study
      This is where you will choose your Program Course under the Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics subsections respectively.
    • Examples Include but are not limited to:
      • Biological Studies
      • Computer Science
      • Computer Engineering
      • Design Drafting Technology
      • Engineering
      • Engineering Technology
      • Mathematics Education
      • Physical Sciences
      • Etc...
  • Are you going to be Employed while earning your Education?
    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided
    • Other
  • Are you currently in an Internship? If yes, is it paid, or un-paid?
    • Paid
    • Unpaid
    • Other
  • Ethnicity
    • African-American
    • American-Indian
    • Asian
    • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
    • Hispanic or Latino
    • White
    • Other
  • You might be asked if you have any Disabilities
    • Hearing Impaired
    • Vision Impaired
    • Hearing & Vision Impaired
    • Learning Disability
    • Mobility / Orthopedic Impairment

Personal Letter - After you have supplied this general information you might be requested to submit a personal letter. This letter should outline your goals, both on an educational and a career level. Examples of content you should include in this letter are:

  • Career Plans – Where are you going to take your education after you’ve received it?
  • Educational Plans – Why have you chosen your course of study. What is your interest.
  • Community Participation – After school Activities – Clubs, Volunteer, Work, PTA, Sports).
  • Work/Military Experience
  • Honors and Awards.


Financial Aid Forms – If you do not currently have a Financial Aid plan setup, you’ll need to request one from a Private, Public, Local, State or Federal Sector.  You will [most likely] be required to submit a Financial-Aid Application to the educational institution of your choice.

Letter of Recommendation – A Letter of Recommendation is much like your ‘References’. You’d want to garner the support of as many prior instructors as possible. If you don’t have any previous instructors you can get in contact with, or, simply don’t have any, you may utilize a contact you feel can outline and summarize your academic abilities. This could be a Coach, a Trainer, your Tutor or any individual in a position of hierarchy that can attest to your personal and educational ethics.  

Transcripts – Likely the last step in the process of Applying for an S-STEM If you have Transcripts from previous Universities, or your High School Transcripts, you’ll need to include these in your Application Packet. Please, DO NOT modify these documents, as there are highly relevant to your obtaining a scholarship in STEM

Now that you have a one-up on the application process you should proceed to make a decision on your institution of choice, and further contact them for specific details. For more information regarding the Application Process and all S-STEM related questions, please visit the National Science Board.