Best of the Best Survey Results & Winners

Each year, DiversityComm, Inc. (DCI) and it's four diversity magazines conduct select evaluations of the nation’s Employers, Supplier DiversityBOTB HNM Winner 2012 Programs and Executives, Industry Leaders, Law Enforcement & Government Agencies and Colleges, Universities and MBA Schools.

The evaluations also integrate findings by each magazine independently to identify "Best of the Best" in relation to outreach and accessibility to the Hispanic/Latino, African American and Female population. These non-biased studies are a valuable resource for the publication's readers, jobseekers, business owners, students, senior management, and consumers. The  goal of the annual evaluations is not only to bring the latest information and guidance to our readers, but also encourage active outreach and diversity policies among corporations and government agencies. The studies are further designed to assist corporate and government leaders in evaluating their ranking by comparing and contrasting to their peers the success achieved within their industries and their measurement in diversity.

Click the links below for our "Best of the Best" Part 1 Lists - Congratulations to our Winners!

Top Insurance Companies
Top Banks and Financial Institutions
Top Hospitals
Top Healthcare Organizations
Top Energy, Gas and Oil Companies
Top Colleges and Universities
Top MBA Schools