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Latina-Owned Businesses Have New Growth Opportunity Through Women’s Business Development Center

For the first time ever in the Chicago area, the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC), headquartered here, is launching a leadership and entrepreneurial comprehensive training program for Latina business owners.  Focused on four key areas—WBDCleadership, mentoring, volunteerism and strategic business planning—the Latina Entrepreneurial Accelerated Development (LEAD) Program kicks off February 11, 2015,

Don't Quit Your Day Job!

Like  traditional  MBA  students,  executive MBA  students complete their degrees within two years. Part-time  programs, on the other hand, typically take three years to complete. Because students continue to work  while in the program,  they have the opportunity to put the new skills they acquire to immediate use. This  “marriage” of coursework and day-to-day  experience  also  exists in part-time MBA programs. But EMBA programs have an added advantage—the collective professional experience of class members.

The Pros and Cons of Working in Government

You need a job and the government is hiring!

By 2015, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) projected that more than 550,000 federal employees, one third of the entire full-time permanent workforce, will leave the government.

The Best Tech Skills To Have On Your Resume In 2015

There’s no better time to get into the software engineering industry.

Salaries hit an all-time high in the US last year, and there are plenty of free online classes and workshops to help you develop your skills.

Although it’s a fairly lucrative industry in general, there are some skills that pay off more than others. Whether you’re just starting out or already have experience, here are a few skills tech employers will likely be looking for in 2015.

Job Interview Tips - 3 Sample Job Interview Questions and Answers

Chances are that if you're reading this then you are looking for some job interview tips. A job interview can be stressful, and the best way to gain confidence over a job interview with a potential new employer is to become familiar with some of the job interview questions that most employers ask. In this article are 3 sample job interview questions and answers that will make you look like the right candidate for the position.

Sample Job Interview Question #1

"What is your greatest strength, and what is your greatest weakness?"

Where Do You Rank As a Taxpayer?

Do you know how you compare with your fellow taxpayers when it comes to the income you make and the taxes you pay? Kiplinger has the answer.

Hispanics Less Likely to Leave their Financial Future up to Chance

According to New MassMutual Survey, Hispanics take fewer risks in planning for retirement, education, and emergency security

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