Amazing Job Search Success Secret . . . Right in Your Backyard!

Well, almost in your backyard.

I'm talking about a little used strategy that can generate untold job search dividends if you put it to use conscientiously. I'm talking about having and utilizing a CAREER PARTNER.

What's a career partner?

We've proven conclusively, since 1985, that the most successful job search strategy is to utilize people you know as a source of job opportunities. For example, take a look at the many different ways folk you already know can assist you. In fact, they will welcome the opportunity to be involved in your career advancement.

1. Introduce you people they know who could be sources of company or industry information.

2. Provide advice and insight into corporate cultures or future growth plans.

3. Open doors for you for actual employment opportunities so you can explore them without going on an interview till you learn more.

4. Practice verbal strategies and interviewing techniques with you.

5. Objectively critique your resume and other documentation.

6. Provide you with the names and backgrounds of their contacts that would be useful to you.

Our resistance to this method frequently goes like this:

--no one wants to help me
--I'm embarrassed to approach someone else
--I don't want other people knowing my business
--they don't know anything about my background
--I'm too busy to run around finding people who can help me

All these excuses are based on a misunderstanding of what you're trying to accomplish and how to go about getting assistance that can truly benefit you.

So here are some tips that can turn you into a major success:

1. Never ask anyone to find you a job. That's embarrassing to both you and them. Instead ask them for advice. Everyone is flattered to be asked for advice.

2. Explain that you're exploring some new career directions. Tell them the kind of environments and job descriptions you're interested in.

3. Ask them for feedback about your quest. Get them to buy into your career advancement project. Turn them into a Career Partner, i.e. a confidant, an advisor, a mentor. Make them feel you value them as a member of your job search team.

4. Ask them to personally introduce you to anyone they know who could help you advance. Reassure them that you're not going to hit anyone up for a job. You're looking for additional resources for your campaign.

You'll be amazed at how responsive people you know will be if you approach them the right way and turn them into a career partner and a member of your team.

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